Official Distributors of RiceStraws in Europe

Our story

Welcome to EcoSippers, where passion & environmental awareness come together in innovative packaging!

We are Michael & Sofie, two energetic adventurers and coaches in everyday life. In addition to our coaching, we also practice various forms of bodywork. We believe that a balanced life depends not only on a healthy mind but, also on our interaction & experience with nature.

As adventurers, we have learned that nature is a powerful source of inspiration & healing. It has taught us to look at the world around us with wonder and to try to live in as much harmony with nature as possible. We believe that contact with nature is important for a balanced life and improving our well-being. From there, our mission grew and our search began for solutions that combine ecological awareness with practicality to address the ubiquitous plastic crisis.

It all started in March 2023 during a social moment at a bar in Borneo while enjoying a refreshing drink after an unforgettable 14-day volunteer experience with Project Borneo. 
There we discovered RiceStraws, the perfect symbol for us of hope, innovation & commitment to our beautiful planet, Mother Earth.
We came into contact with Origo Eco and fell in love with their mission to replace single use plastics with fully vegetal, 100% natural and compostable products. 

A few weeks later we became importer and distributor for their products. 

We take our social and environmental responsibility seriously. That's why we proudly donate 10% of our profits to Project Borneo! That way, we can continue to contribute to their valuable work and ensure that your purchase has a positive impact.

So, join us on this adventurous journey! Sustainability is important, but we also want to approach it in a fun and light-hearted way. Let's strive together to reconnect people and nature.

One sip at a time ... cheers!

 With your fantastic contribution, together we can reduce the gigantic amount of plastic waste & support the Matang Wildlife Centre at the same time.

Would you like to help distribute RiceStraws in Europe ? 

Contact us! We are the shortest and cheapest route between the factory and your distribution needs. We have a fully transparent price structure and can deliver pallets or containers in multiple harbors in Europe through sea freight and can deliver through road transport as well. 

Together we can look at your needs, promotional materials and find a way to work together and make these wonderful straws land in the hands of more bars, restaurants, festivals all over Europe.