Compostable straws

An alternative to paper straws ?

The search for an eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws has led to several options, including bamboo, paper and rice straws. Each of these alternatives has its own unique features and benefits.

Bamboo Straws

Bamboo straws are praised for their natural aesthetics & reusable nature. However, their growth cycle is long and production requires a lot of manual labor. They are up to 3x more expensive compared to other alternatives. 💰

Wheat Straws

Wheat straws are made from natural grains. However, they are often brittle and only have a diameter of 3 mm, making them easily clogged. In addition, they pose a risk for people with gluten allergies. ⚠️

Avocado straws

In July 2021, the European Union implemented a directive banning a range of single-use plastics and since those avocado straws used avocado pits as base organic material to create bio plastic straws, those are also banned and not for sale anymore

Pasta Straws

Pasta straws are a creative substitute for plastic. However, they can only last about an hour without going limp. They are made by mixing durum wheat flour (contains gluten) with water and sometimes eggs (1 of 14 allergens). Rice straws, on the other hand, stay hard 2x as long and are up to 50% cheaper.

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