Compostable straws vs Biodegradable bio plastic straws : Biodegradable is still harmfull to fish populations

Biodegradable plastics are not the silver bullet to plastic pollution.

Many biodegradable plastics are not designed to break down in the natural environment, but rather under specific conditions, like industrial composters. So, when these types of biodegradable plastics end up in the sea, they may take a long time to degrade.  

In a study from the University of Otago, it's revealed that biodegradable plastics, previously thought to be a solution to plastic pollution, might still be harmful to aquatic life. This research, led by Ashleigh Hawke, a Master of Science graduate, contrasts the effects of conventional petroleum-based plastics and their biodegradable alternatives on marine life. 

The research is significant as it demonstrates that both petroleum-derived plastics and biodegradable plastics can be damaging to marine fish. Petroleum-based plastics were noted for significantly disrupting fish functions such as escape performance, swimming patterns, and aerobic metabolism. Biodegradable plastics, while slightly less harmful, still negatively impacted the fishes’ maximum escape speed. 

Hawke's study suggests that biodegradable plastics are not the harmless alternative they were once thought to be. This revelation emphasizes the need for more sustainable and genuinely eco-friendly solutions.

In this context, we are happy that fully vegetal, compostable rice straws stands out as a great alternative. Unlike biodegradable plastics, these rice straws are made entirely from natural materials, ensuring that they decompose without leaving harmful residues. This is particularly beneficial for aquatic life, as these straws avoid the pitfalls of plastic pollution – they don't contribute to the degradation of marine habitats or endanger the health and survival of marine species, offering a practical and environmentally responsible choice for consumers and industries alike.

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