RiceStraws™ 8.0mm - 15cm Colored - 2000 straws


1 carton of 2000 Straws in 20 bags of 100 straws

These  RiceStraws™ with a comfortable 8mm drinking opening are an absolute must-have for refreshing cocktails, luscious smoothies and magical long drinks that don't lack fancy garnishes. 
At 15 cm, they are suitable for shorter or round gin-tonic glasses.  

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96.30 € VAT Excluded

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8mm 15cm

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RiceStraws™ are made from unused, broken rice grains and tapioca. Unlike paper straws, they do not soften and remain firm in cold drinks for at least 2 hours.

Sustainability is at the core of our brand. Our straws are designed to be single-use and after use you can simply throw them in the compost bin or green waste. 

After 60 days, they have completely degraded. 

S​ustainable and 100% natural, makes our RiceStraws™ a responsible choice for your cold beverages. 

Order these RiceStraws™ now and experience a refreshing new level of environmentally conscious consumption!